Vitamin-D 5000 IU™


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Vitamin D 5000

For decades, vitamin D’s sole health benefit was thought to lie in preventing rickets. It is now known that it is also involved with countless other health processes. It is estimated by many health experts that sufficient vitamin D would substantially reduce the incidence of many disorders affecting the prostate, breast, and colon. We have also learned that without sufficient vitamin D, the calcium we take as supplements may end up being deposited in soft tissues rather than bones. This not only compromises bone health, but can lead to calcification in brain, heart, and arterial tissues, in bone spurs around joints and in stones in the kidneys.*

It is estimated that fewer than 20% of Americans get optimal levels of vitamin D from food or direct, unprotected exposure to sunlight. Supplementation is, therefore, necessary.*

Vitamin-D 5000 IU™ is designed for those who do not get at least 30 to 60 minutes of unprotected exposure to sunlight each day. For such people, it will help lift vitamin D levels into an optimal range.*

This product does not contain artificial colorings or flavorings, GMOs, sugar, soy, yeast, dairy, gluten, or wheat and is suitable for vegetarians.

microcrystalline cellulose, pullulan

Vitamin-D 5000 IU™
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