About PEL

about PEL

The Pure Essence Mission - East Meets West

Pure Essence Labs exists to provide the most efficacious dietary supplements possible, while demonstrating a firm commitment to planetary ecology. We strive to promote not only holistic health care, but holistic lifestyle. In our opinion, true holism means relating to our employees, suppliers, retailers and customers as partners along the path. In short, we see every aspect of business as extensions of ourselves.

Our products are formulated with the perfect balance of East meets West, working in synergistic harmony. Our products address not only the symptoms but also the cause. They are true Holistic Health Systems that support your body in ways that no other supplement brand does.

The Concept

In every moment of every day, our cells are conducting more than a million different types of biochemical actions. Health is the reflection of how well these things are done.

To function efficiently, cells require a vast array of nutrients. In a perfect world, these nutrients would come from foods. Supplements are important because modern foods have lost much of their nutrient value.

Since nutrients should come from foods, the best supplements are those with the most whole food value. Pure Essence products provide more whole food nutrition than any others you will find. Why do we make our products this way? Because Nature is the only model by which we can build and maintain superior health.

To be completely honest, there are many good supplements out there. But, there are none that can quite match ours. We make them for our families, and share them with yours. Your customers will feel the difference in days.

The Formulas

Vitamins and Minerals
Many companies promote their vitamins and minerals as being in “whole food” form. However, these nutrients are synthetic vitamins or rock based minerals that are fermented with yeast and soy. In over 35 years, there has not been a single study showing that they are improved in any way by this process.

This is not to say they are not good products. But, they do have drawbacks. First, they provide only low potencies of vitamins and minerals at very high prices. Second, because they are surrounded by so much yeast and soy, they leave little room for true whole food nutrition. By using natural USP vitamins and minerals we can deliver more vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream. We then fortify them with SuperFoods, Superior Herbs and phytochemicals.

Because we use USP vitamins and minerals, we can include more SuperFoods than any other supplement brand on the market. These foods, like spirulina, chlorella and kelp are the densest nutritional sources on earth, are energetic powerhouses, and provide specific phytochemicals that protect cellular function throughout the body. The more of them you get, the better off you’ll be.

Superior Herbs
Superior Herbs provide energies that cannot be made from foods. These are inherent energies that help slow the aging process. These botanicals also provide thousands of phytochemicals that exist in no other plants on earth. These phytochemicals guard against virtually every type of disease while also fine tuning every organ, gland and cell in the body for greater efficiency, and thus, better health.