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Women’s nutritional supplements
& nutraceuticals for every stage of a
woman’s life, activity level and goal.
Multivitamin supplements, vision and
breast health, transitional support for
menopause, and prenatal/postnatal nutrition.

True holistic health systems that support the entire female body for optimum
health by combining ancient medicine with modern techniques.
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Women’s Health Nutritional Supplements

  • One 'n' Only™ PreNatal

    One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal

    One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal is carefully formulated with whole food nutrition, vitamins and minerals, superfoods, bioflavonoids, herbal extracts traditionally to support healthy pregnancy, digestive aids and ginger to calm your stomach.
  • One 'n' Only™ Women

    One ‘n’ Only™ Women

    One ‘n’ Only™ with additional factors that support breast health, bone health and hormone balance. A wealth of SuperFoods and Superior Herbs for a difference you’ll feel in days, no matter what you’ve used before.
  • LifeEssence™ Women

    LifeEssence™ Women

    LifeEssence™ with additional factors to support bone health, breast health and hormone balance. Remarkably powerful and energetic. A must for women on the go. A difference you’ll feel at once.
  • Ionic-Fizz™ Magnesium Plus™ 6oz mixed berry flavor

    Ionic-Fizz™ Magnesium Plus™

    A superb, all natural anti-stress, anti-anxiety, tasty supplement powder that helps restore healthy magnesium levels. Great for stress & anxiety relief, leg cramp relief, a great sleep aid for overall health.
  • Longevity™ Women - ultimate female support system, nutrition and multivitamin

    Longevity™ Women

    Longevity™ Women is an extremely energizing multiple with uniquely feminine support factors, and with a further focus on antioxidants to protect cellular machinery against toxins, free radical oxidation, etc.
  • Mother & Child™ nutrition for every new mother

    Mother & Child™

    Mother & Child™ is designed for women as they recover from from delivery and/or are breastfeeding. It will quickly bring you back to your best possible state while enriching your milk with everything your infant needs. An absolute must for every new mother!
  • Mother to Be™ whole food nutrition for a healthy pregnancy

    Mother to Be™

    Mother to Be™ is the most energizing and empowering prenatal vitamin you’ll find anywhere. It will keep you feeling your best, even in the morning, while providing all you need for both baby and you!
  • ProFema™ multivitamin with additional support for menopausal women and the adrenal glands


    ProFema™ is a comprehensive multi with a distinctly Pure Essence energy package, and with additional factors to keep you feeling your very best as you experience your midlife transition. It is simply fabulous for women at this time of life.
  • Ionic Fizz Super D-K Calcium Plus™

    Ionic-Fizz™ Super D-K Calcium Plus™ is a tasty supplement powder with each scoop containing 250 mg of calcium, 300 mg of magnesium, 25mcg of vitamin D3 and 45 mcg of the MK-7 form of vitamin K2 - best for building strong, healthy bones and teeth
  • Ionic-Fizz™ Calcium Plus™

    Ionic-Fizz™ Calcium Plus™

    Ionic-Fizz™ Calcium Plus™ is a great tasting, excellent source of calcium and magnesium in ionic form, in a ratio that builds healthy bones and supports general metabolism. It is supported by many other co-nutrients required for strong bones.
  • AdrenalStability™


    AdrenalStability™ combines holistic health sciences, like traditional Chinese medicine and specific nutritious plants to address Adrenal Fatigue and encourage the retaining of vigor and minimizing effects of andropause and menopause.
  • Bone-D™


    Bone-D™ is a comprehensive bone support system, which contains 2000 IU’s of vitamin D3, 200 mg of ipriflavone, 75 mg of silica, and 50 mg of ionic trace minerals and can be used alone or with any other high quality calcium and magnesium supplement
  • Breast-D breast support system. Supplement for balanced hormones


    Breast-D™ is a superb breast support system that contains 100 mcg of vitamin D3 along with 150 mg of DIM, 100 mg of calcium D-glucarate, 60 mg of green tea, and 6.5 mg of lycopene per capsule, Dim-D™ with Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 and Ionic Sea Minerals
  • CalmEssence™


    CalmEssence™ is a natural formula containing 150 mg of L-theanine (Suntheanine®), an amino acid from green tea that studies show promotes a sense of calm, even under extreme pressure and 100 mg of magnolia bark to decrease nervous tension
  • Candex™ -Yeast Management Supplement

    Candex™ -Yeast Management Supplement

    Candex™ is a yeast management supplement that is clinically proven to be safe and effective Candida treatment for both men and women. Candex™ gives fast results, with no Candida die off symptoms.
  • Dim-D™ Vitamin D supplement with D3 and other vitamins


    Dim-D™ is a superb breast support system with 100 mcg of vitamin D3 along with 150 mg of DIM, 100 mg of calcium D-glucarate, 60 mg of green tea, and 6.5 mg of lycopene per capsule also with Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Bamboo Extract and Ipriflavone
  • JointEssence™


    JointEssence™ includes polygonum multiflorum, cordyceps, dong quai, salvia, and white peony, botanicals that support the organ systems that sustain healthy joint function, making the benefits of the supplement continue to grow with time.
  • LiverEssence™


    If you want to give your liver all it needs to be as healthy and vibrant as possible, LiverEssence™ simply must be your choice - supporting the liver from both modern and holistic medical points of view.
  • PureBiotics™ Maxima severe probiotic depletion supplement

    PureBiotics™ Maxima

    PureBiotics™ Maxima is for those with more severe probiotic depletion, and combines 15 probiotic strains (100 billion active cultures per capsule at date of expiration). Its cultures are divided evenly between bifido and lacto strains.
  • PureBiotics™ Restore

    PureBiotics™ Restore

    PureBiotics™ Restore blends 12 probiotic strains (30 billion active cultures) to support digestion and a healthy immune system. Balance is 63% bifido (19 billion), 37% lacto (11 billion) cultures, ideal for offsetting normal depletion.
  • PureBiotics™ Restore 40+ support for digestion and healthy immune system at age 40 or more

    PureBiotics™ Restore 40+

    PureBiotics™ Restore 40+ for those ages 40 and older and includes 15 probiotic strains (35 billion active cultures) to support digestion and healthy immune system. With 53% bifido and 47% lacto cultures it’s stronger than PureBiotics™ Restore
  • PureBiotics™ Women maximum support female digestive, vaginal and urinary tract health and immune health.

    PureBiotics™ Women

    PureBiotics™ Women is for women of any age wanting maximum feminine support with 15 probiotic strains (50 billion active cultures) to support digestive, vaginal and urinary tract health and overall immune health.
  • Transitions™


    You don’t have to live with hot flashes, mood swings, and other symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause. Transitions™ exclusive formula supports menopause with the added benefit of adrenal gland support.
  • Vision Support System™

    Vision Support System™

    Vision Support System™ is a blend of modern scientific research with Traditional Chinese Medicine to support healthy vision with the broad spectrum of carotenoids in lutein, and zeaxanthin as well as active flavonoids in bilberry extract.
  • VisionEssence™


    VisionEssence™ includes vinpocetine, L-taurine, quercetin, vitamin C and anthocyanins found in specific fruits, along with herbs schizandra, goji and salvia, making VisionEssence™ one of the most comprehensive vision support systems
  • Vitamin-D 2000 IU™

    Vitamin-D 2000 IU™

    Vitamin-D 2000 IU™ is for those who get between 30 and 60 minutes daily of unprotected exposure to sunlight to provide adequate levels of vitamin D for healthy blood sugar levels, breast, prostate, bowel health and cardiovascular system.
  • Vitamin-D 5000 IU™

    Vitamin-D 5000 IU™

    Vitamin-D 5000 IU is designed for those who get less than 30 minutes daily of unprotected exposure to sunlight.

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Benefiting Every Stage Of A Woman’s Life

Pure Essence develops the ultimate supplement nutritional compounds for women of all ages and at every unique stage in their life. Our whole food based formulas are specifically designed with the female physiology in mind. Taking a holistic approach we innovate formulations that provide a complex balance of health maintenance and regenerating nutrition for a better lifestyle with longevity. Your Pure Essence Women’s supplements will address underlying causes and root issues in ways that competing products do not.

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