Longevity™ Men – Multivitamin for Men Over 40

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Longevity™ Men is a highly energizing multiple loaded with male support factors, and with a further focus on antioxidants to protect cellular machinery against toxins, free radical oxidation, etc.

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Brand: Pure Essence

Multiples are intended to provide supplementation of the vitamins and minerals your body needs that you may not get enough of in your diet. We believe that when it comes to multiples, one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we have developed an array of formulas designed for different phases of life.

Longevity™ Men is more than just an excellent multivitamin; it’s a complete support system designed especially for men to maintain optimum health. The ingredients are chosen to maximize prostate health, vitality, and to act as an energy-supporting tonic.*

Like LifeEssence™ Men, Longevity™ Men is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula joined by enzymes, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, co-nutrients, SuperFoods, Superior Herbs, beta-sitosterol, stinging nettle, pygeum, and lycopene for male specific support. However, Longevity™ Men includes a potent blend of mushrooms, aloe, and fucoidan to support the immune system and an advanced blend of cell-protective antioxidant factors and glutathione precursors. Longevity™ Men is for men who want their multiple to provide the broadest possible protection.*


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