AllerFree ™ – Natural Allergy Relief

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AllerFree ™ is a non-drowsy, natural allergy aid that provides potent levels of amylase and protease with synergistic levels of cellulase and lipase, 80 mg of Burdock root and Stinging nettle root extracts and 30 mg of plant derived quercitin

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AllerFree Allergy Relief

Protein are one of life’s essential building blocks which can also be deadly. Proteins from venoms, germs, and viruses can sicken or even kill us. To protect us from harm, the immune system is designed to identify foreign proteins that find their way into the bloodstream and break them down into the individual amino acids from which they are built.

Normally, the immune system breaks down harmless proteins (those from pollens, molds, animal dander, stings, bug bites, etc.) with macrophage enzymes, which work so effectively that we rarely are aware of them. However, in many people, the immune system mistakenly identifies harmless foreign proteins as dangerous pathogens. It then reacts by the release of a chemical called histamine, which causes inflammation, itching, sneezing, watery eyes, and other discomforts we refer to as allergic reactions.

To date, science has not found an easy way to “teach” faulty immune systems to identify harmless proteins correctly. However, certain blends of plant enzymes may help reduce the frequency of allergic reactions, and the intensity of these discomforts.

In the digestive process, protease enzymes break down proteins, amylase enzymes break down carbohydrates, and lipase enzymes break down fats. When taken with meals, these enzymes can improve the digestion of food. But when taken between meals, substantial amounts of these enzymes exert effects resulting in the reduction of the negative effects of the immune response. In the same way, amylase enzymes may also help neutralize histamine, so that the reactions already in progress may be minimized.

Holy Basil Ingredient
Rhodiola Ingredient

Millions of Americans suffer from the discomforts and reactions to allergens. By supporting the natural immune response with a correct blend of plant-based enzymes it may help reduce the frequency and intensity of the discomforts of these allergies. Those who use AllerFree™, tell us they have never experienced such complete relief from a natural product.*

To minimize the effects of allergies, take three capsules of AllerFree™ every hour until desired results are achieved. For maintenance, take one capsule in the morning and another at night. Always take on an empty stomach with eight ounces of water.*

Non GMO Ingredients Vegan Ingredients Gluten Free Organic Ingredients
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Amount per Serving
Amylase (vegetarian) 60000 DU
Protease (vegetarian) 60000 HUT
Cellulase (vegetarian) 50 CU
Lipase (vegetarian) 50 FIP
Burdock extract (root) 80 mg
Stinging nettle extract (leaf) 80 mg
Quercetin (from Japanese Sophora bud extract) 30 mg
Natural Ingredients


Two capsules once daily or as needed. Always take on an empty stomach with 8 oz. of water.


Cellulose, L-Leucine, HPMC (vegetable capsule)


Wheat, Milk, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Soy, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish


May help break down histamine, thus reducing the intensity of allergic reactions.


Aids the body in breaking down certain proteins that may lead to allergic reactions.


Aids the body in breaking down certain starches and fibers that may lead to allergic reactions.


Aids the body in breaking down certain fats that may lead to allergic reactions.

Organic Burdock Root Ingredient

Helps to cleanse the blood of toxins and potential allergic proteins.

Stinging Nettle Leaf Ingredient

Traditionally used for providing relief to common airborne allergies.

Quercetin Ingredient

May inhibit the production and release of histamine.


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We test every raw material for lead to be absolutely certain we have the industries cleanest materials. Our self-imposed lead limit is even lower than California’s Proposition 65.

In 2008, when the FDA announced new Good Manufacturing Practices for supplements, most of the industry complained. Pure Essence embraced the change, and went much farther than required. We decided to not only comply with every aspect of the new, Good Manufacturing Practices, but also do everything else that falls within the purview of conscience and common sense.


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