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Pure Essence nutritional supplements that are designed to support general health.

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  • EnergyPlus by Pure Essence - Caffeine Free, All Natural Herbal Energy and Focus Supplement - energy plus Smooth, No Jitters No Crash

    EnergyPlus™ – Caffeine Free Energy

    EnergyPlus ™ is a caffeine free, all natural herbal energy and focus supplement that gives you smooth, sustained energy without the jitters or crashes.
  • One 'n' Only

    One ‘n’ Only – One a Day Multivitamin

    For those who want to use only one tablet daily. A complete array of vitamins and minerals with highly concentrated SuperFoods and Superior Herbs. The most energetic, empowering one daily available anywhere.
  • Life Essence multivitamin by Pure Essence Labs

    Life Essence™ Multivitamin

    Life Essence Multivitamin and mineral based in the world’s most potent SuperFoods and Superior Herbs to bring amazing energy and absolute radiance into your daily life. The ultimate nutritional experience!
  • Ionic-Fizz™ Magnesium Plus™ 6oz mixed berry flavor

    Ionic Fizz ™ Magnesium Plus

    Ionic Fizz Magnesium Plus is an all natural anti-stress, anti-anxiety, tasty supplement powder for healthy magnesium levels. Great for stress & anxiety relief, leg cramp relief and a great sleep aid.
  • Ionic Fizz Super DK - Calcium Plus

    Ionic Fizz Super D-K Calcium Plus™

    Ionic-Fizz™ Super D-K Calcium Plus™ is a tasty supplement powder with each scoop containing 250 mg of calcium, 300 mg of magnesium, 25mcg of vitamin D3 and 45 mcg of the MK-7 form of vitamin K2 - best for building strong, healthy bones and teeth
  • Ionic Fizz Calcium Plus Front 210 g

    Ionic-Fizz™ Calcium Plus™

    Ionic-Fizz™ Calcium Plus™ is a great tasting, excellent source of calcium and magnesium in ionic form, in a ratio that builds healthy bones and supports general metabolism. It is supported by many other co-nutrients required for strong bones.
  • AdrenalStability™

    AdrenalStability™ – Supports Healthy Energy Level

    AdrenalStability™ combines holistic health sciences, like traditional Chinese medicine and specific nutritious plants to address Adrenal Fatigue and encourage the retaining of vigor and minimizing effects of andropause and menopause.
  • Aller Free ™ natural allergy aid

    AllerFree ™ – Natural Allergy Relief

    AllerFree ™ is a non-drowsy, natural allergy aid that provides potent levels of amylase and protease with synergistic levels of cellulase and lipase, 80 mg of Burdock root and Stinging nettle root extracts and 30 mg of plant derived quercitin
  • Bone D - by Pure Essence

    Bone-D™ Bone Support System

    Bone-D™ is a comprehensive bone support system, which contains 2000 IU’s of vitamin D3, 200 mg of ipriflavone, 75 mg of silica, and 50 mg of ionic trace minerals and can be used alone or with any other high quality calcium and magnesium supplement