Immune and Digestive Health

Probiotics are helpful bacteria that support
digestion and a healthy immune function
while producing active forms of B-vitamins.


Aging, stress, poor diet, alcohol and antibiotics can
deplete the probiotic cultures that inhabit a healthy gut.
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From The Inside Out

Maintaining Digestive Health

Restoring proper gut flora is a crucial but still largely misunderstood component of overall health. While antibiotics have lengthened our lifespan, our excessive use of these drugs may cause serious long-term consequences. While more people, especially those committed to a holistic lifestyle, are opting to avoid taking antibiotics, there still are times when we have no other option. While we hope to get by with using less, thereby limiting the number of good bacteria we kill off, we do not realize that it is also failing to completely kill off the infection which laid us low.

Don’t antibiotics just kill all of the probiotics? No, and even if they do it’s okay. According to several studies, probiotics don’t need to actually colonize the gut to be beneficial; even transient strains can provide therapeutic effects.

Digestive Support

Probiotic Digestive Support

Healthy Immune Function

Probiotics - Immune Support

Probiotic Cultures

Probiotic cultures for gut health

Recovering the number of flora found in a healthy gut is important but recovering the right balance of diversity is even more so. It is important to get a probiotic option which offers as many cultures as possible to prevent antibiotic-associated side effects and lower the risk of a gut infection or living probiotic culture depletion. Our probiotic digestive and immune support line is what you need for healthy digestion.