MyPure MyCoMune 4x Mushroom Supplement

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Certified Organic Mushroom Supplement

Packed With 6 Mushrooms Great For Immune Response Support

Pure Essence has a 100% Guarantee on all products so if you don’t like it for any reason, we will issue a refund. You have nothing to lose by trying.

  • Great For Immune Support*
  • 100% Real Mushrooms (Never Mycelia)
  • Certified Organic Mushrooms
  • Helps Memory and Focus*
  • Stress Relief*
  • Really Energizing*
  • 100% Risk Free 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Made in USA in cGMP Certified Facility

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MyPure™ MycoMune is an exquisite blend of the world’s most power packed mushrooms blended together to form a wondrously comprehensive mushroom supplement. Instead of using small amounts of many mushrooms, we focus on those that provide the most powerful overall nutritional package.

These are Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake and Shiitake. We add a small amount of wild crafted Chaga because it contains a specific nutrient called betulinic acid that is not present in most others. But, that’s it. Just these six wondrous mushrooms and nothing else.

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Reishi (ganoderum lucidum) is often called the “King of Mushrooms.” It is considered an adaptogen, meaning that it helps the body cope with stress, tension and fatigue, and to promote natural body balance. Its main immune enhancing compounds are Beta-D-glucans and ganoderic acids. These acids may help inhibit the release of histamine and support liver function and serve as antioxidants.

Reishi has long been used to help calm the mind, ease tension, sharpen concentration and focus, build willpower, etc. Traditional Chinese Medicine sees it as one of the few foods/herbs that impart wisdom, and many people report that it promotes a sense of peaceful wellbeing. Royal Red Reishi and Purple Reishi are considered top of the line.

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Lion’s Mane is widely known for it’s memory and focus benefits. href=”″>Studies have shown that spacial compounds found in lion’s mane mushrooms can stimulate the growth of brain cells. These compounds are called hericenones and erinacines.

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MyCoMune has been long been used to help calm the mind, ease tension, sharpen concentration and focus, build willpower, etc. Traditional Chinese Medicine sees it as one of the few foods/herbs that impart wisdom, and many people report that it promotes a sense of peaceful well-being.

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MyPure™ MyCoMune PUrity

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Real Mushrooms or Mycelium?

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese, Tibetan, Korean, Japanese and other holistic health systems have seen certain species of mushrooms as some of the world’s most profound health builders.

Today, studies are proving them right, showing that mushrooms support immunity and healthy cholesterol levels, protect cellular structure, encourage nerve growth, promote brain function and serve as tonics to virtually every major organ system.

These benefits are due to the nutrients mushrooms contain. The most prominent of these are Beta-(1,3)(1,6) G-glucans, but ergothioneines, antioxidants, ergosterol, anti-inflammatory sterols, lipids, glycosides, chitins, diterpenes and triterpenes are also important.

Real mushrooms are the “fruits” of organisms called basidiomycetes. These organisms have other parts, like mycelia, which are like their “roots.” Just as a grape is different from the vine it grows on, mushrooms differ from mycelia. Because they have different nutritional profiles, their benefits differ, as well.

American mycelia grows in plastic bags filled with rice, corn, wheat or rye. As it grows, it becomes part of the grain. Because there is no way to separate it at harvest, it ends up being up to 70% grain.

Real mushrooms contain high levels (20% to 55%) of immune enhancing nutrients called Beta- (1,3) (1,6) D-glucans and less than 2% common starch. Mycelia usually contain less than 7% beta glucans, but 40% to 70% starch. Starch, of course, provides none of the benefits for which mushrooms are prized.

The table below shows the results of laboratory analyses that measure levels of beta glucans and starch from samples of several species of real mushrooms and the same species of mycelia. These analyses are striking evidence of the superiority of real mushrooms.

Product Tested % Beta D-Glucans % Starch
MyCoMune: Mushroom Fruiting Body 53.20% 0.5%
MyCoMune: Myceliated Grain 1.06% 45.2%

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100% Risk Free

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Pure Essence Labs provides a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are less than delighted with the results of any of our products you purchased on our web site, you may receive a complete refund of the purchase price within 60 days of the invoice date.

Please call Customer Service at (888) 254-8000, Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM PST so that we may assist you with your return.

60 Day Supply





You Save $10.25

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About Us

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Pure Essence Labs was founded to offer high quality, safe and effective dietary supplement formulas to benefit human health, while demonstrating a firm commitment to planetary ecology. We strive to promote not only holistic health care, but holistic lifestyle. In our opinion, true holism means relating to our employees, suppliers, retailers and customers as partners along the path. In short, we see every aspect of business as extensions of ourselves.

Our products are formulated with an ideal balance of East meets West working in synergistic harmony. They are true Holistic Health Systems that support your body in achieving and maintaining optimum health. We often blend Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and herbs with modern vitamin knowledge, which we believe offers a thoughtful and well-informed approach to supporting good health.

Founding Roots

Jery Cochern, Pure Essence’s Founder and CEO, is an industry icon who has established two highly unique brands – Rainbow Light & Pure Essence Labs – each of which provides innovative and effective formulations.

Jery’s dedication to the natural health movement has spanned 40 years. In 1978, he was a key member of a team of nutritionists who introduced spirulina to the US Market. A year later, he became the National Sales Manager for a major spirulina importer. Through his continuing educational seminars, he made “green foods” a household term.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.

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