Superior Vitamins and Minerals

More than just the leading
multivitamin, it’s a complete
support system individually
designed for men and women
to maintain optimum health.


Our multiples are intended to provide supplementation
of the necessary vitamins and minerals your body
needs that you may not be receiving in your diet.
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Multivitamin Nutritional Supplements

  • One 'n' Only

    One ‘n’ Only

    For those who want to use only one tablet daily. A complete array of vitamins and minerals with highly concentrated SuperFoods and Superior Herbs. The most energetic, empowering one daily available anywhere.
  • One n Only Men Multivitamin

    One ‘n’ Only™ Men

    One ‘n’ Only with additional factors that support prostate health, male vigor and vitality. Loaded with SuperFoods and Superior Herbs for a difference you’ll feel in days, no matter what you’ve used before.
  • One 'n' Only™ PreNatal

    One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal

    One ‘n’ Only™ PreNatal is carefully formulated with whole food nutrition, vitamins and minerals, superfoods, bioflavonoids, herbal extracts traditionally to support healthy pregnancy, digestive aids and ginger to calm your stomach.
  • One 'n' Only™ Women

    One ‘n’ Only™ Women

    One ‘n’ Only™ with additional factors that support breast health, bone health and hormone balance. A wealth of SuperFoods and Superior Herbs for a difference you’ll feel in days, no matter what you’ve used before.
  • Life Essence multivitamin by Pure Essence Labs

    Life Essence ™ Multivitamin

    Life Essence Multivitamin and mineral based in the world’s most potent SuperFoods and Superior Herbs to bring amazing energy and absolute radiance into your daily life. The ultimate nutritional experience!
  • LifeEssence™ Men - Multivitamin

    LifeEssence™ Men – Multivitamin

    LifeEssence™ with special factors to support prostate health and encourage male vigor and vitality. Robust and energizing for a strong competitive edge you’ll feel from the first day.
  • LifeEssence™ Women

    LifeEssence™ Women

    LifeEssence™ with additional factors to support bone health, breast health and hormone balance. Remarkably powerful and energetic. A must for women on the go. A difference you’ll feel at once.
  • Longevity™ Men - Male Support Multivitamin

    Longevity™ Men

    Longevity™ Men is a highly energizing multiple loaded with male support factors, and with a further focus on antioxidants to protect cellular machinery against toxins, free radical oxidation, etc.
  • Longevity™ Women - ultimate female support system, nutrition and multivitamin

    Longevity™ Women

    Longevity™ Women is an extremely energizing multiple with uniquely feminine support factors, and with a further focus on antioxidants to protect cellular machinery against toxins, free radical oxidation, etc.
  • Mother & Child ™ nutrition for every new mother

    Mother & Child™

    Mother & Child™ is designed for women as they recover from delivery and/or are breastfeeding. It will quickly bring you back to your best possible state while enriching your milk with everything your infant needs, an absolute must for every new mother!
  • Mother to Be™ whole food nutrition for a healthy pregnancy

    Mother to Be™

    Mother to Be™ is the most energizing and empowering prenatal vitamin you’ll find anywhere. It will keep you feeling your best, even in the morning, while providing all you need for both baby and you!
  • ProFema ™ multivitamin with additional support for menopausal women and the adrenal glands

    ProFema ™

    ProFema ™ is a comprehensive multi with a distinctly Pure Essence energy package, and with additional factors to keep you feeling your very best as you experience your midlife transition. It is simply fabulous for women at this time of life.
  • LifeEssence Powder Multivitamin

    LifeEssence™ Powder – Multivitamin

    For those who don’t like tablets. Just mix it with water (or almond, soy or rice milk) or add it to your morning lifestyle drink. All the benefits of Life Essence in a pleasant lemon-lime flavor.

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Whole Food Source

Multivitamins Developed for Different Phases of Life

Life Essence is the world’s most complete and superior multivitamin. Perfectly balanced vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, co-nutrients and phytochemicals are formulated to create the best all-around supplement. These are critical elements needed to provide the most complete cellular support possible. We believe that when it comes to multiples, one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we have developed an array of formulas designed for different phases of life, individually for men and women.

These comprehensive vitamin and mineral formulas are incorporated with enzymes, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, co-nutrients, superfoods, superior herbs, beta-sitosterol, tribulus, maca, ginger, calcium D-glucarate, ipriflavone and other particular components in order to deliver a robust combination of nutrients that the modern diet often does not provide.

Superior Herbs & Minerals

Pure Essence Multivitamins with superior herbs


Antioxidants and Superfoods - Vitamins and minerals

Total Cellular Support

Multivitamin support for cells