Energy & Fatigue

Supplements For Natural Energy

All natural, caffeine free nutritional
supplements containing superior
herbs and nutrient rich compounds
that deliver clean, sustained energy
without stimulants, or jitters.

Our proprietary blend of natural superior
herbs goes to work upon ingestion.
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All Natural Formulations

Energy Boosting and Stress Relieving Nutrients

Over 3,000 years ago, martial arts practitioners in ancient cultures discovered that a very select group of plants, called Adaptogens and Superior Herbs, could provide smooth, lasting energy. Long forgotten by modern society, we have combined this ancient knowledge with the best of these amazing plants to bring you vibrant energy without the jitters or crashing.

Traditional Chinese medicine approaches energy with a more sustainable result than caffeine, guarana, yohimbe and other stimulants. Rather than providing frequent jolts to the adrenal system, it seeks to enhance the body’s ability to extract the nutrients from which the body makes ATP and to renew supplies of the “vital energies” known as Qi, Shen, and Essence. This is done by using specific herbs, called Superior Herbs, which nourish the various organ systems and provide naturally these vital energies.

Renewal of Vital Energies

All natural energy renewal

Adrenal & Cardio Support

Cardio supplement with adrenal support

The Highest Potency

Clean energy supplement

Unfortunately, the high stress nature of the modern world can cause the adrenals and the cardiovascular system to work at a nearly a constant level. This can lead to what many natural health practitioners label, Adrenal Fatigue.

Pure Essence not only employs the plants that the world’s foremost holistic science have used for thousands of years to restore these systems, but utilizes the purest, cleanest sources available at their most effective potency. When combined into our signature formulations, they are thought to provide a significant foundation of adrenal support, sharpened mental focus and an increased, sustainable energy boost.