As one of the top nutritional supplement brands, we are constantly innovating our products and making improvements. We are also dedicated to helping our customers engage with us as easily as possible online. Toward that end, we have just completed a total revamp of our website and online store to better reflect who we are and what we do.

For over 20 years, our customers have told us about their experiences with our products. We frequently receive letters, phone calls and online messages that depict the benefits they enjoy. This “focus on experience” is what we are all about, but we have not always done a great job at telling this story. Now, that all changes.

We believe that we have created the best supplement site online out there. Let us tell you — and then show you — what we’ve created.

Ancient Wisdom For A Modern Life

Pure Essence New HomepageAs we stepped back and asked our customers how they would describe Pure Essence, there were distinct threads that we couldn’t ignore.

The first theme that was clearly uncovered was the ancient wisdom that we try to capture when we formulate our products. This wisdom stems from holistic health systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which promote harmony and balance so that the body can heal and maintain itself.

The second theme is science-based nutrition, from which we learn more of how and why these ancient systems worked. This helps us refine our formulating process so that we can hit the bullseye eye instead of the outer rings. Together, ancient wisdom, modern science and our unique formulating philosophy empower nutritional supplements that address modern life challenges in a better way. The result is, “A Better Way To A Better You.”

These two factors encompass our new messaging of Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Life, which when combined deliver harmony with a modern life.

What’s New On The Website

To answer what’s new on the Pure Essence website in just a word, we would have to say EVERYTHING. But, before you worry about the changes, just know that you’re going to love them! Here’s a detailed list of what’s new along with a few details as to why and the benefits you will notice immediately.

Messaging – We have already described the new messaging above. However, please note that it is not just a message containing text, but rather a commitment that we make to our customers. We are committed to utilizing our vast experience with the ancient wisdom of holistic health systems to create products that make a difference you can feel. While many companies more or less start and stop their formulating process with “hot button” ingredients, we dig deeper to ensure the proper balance between every ingredient in the purest and most concentrated forms, so what you are buying has significant value and potency.

Best supplements for womenVisuals/Graphics – You will notice that the focus on the experiences of using Pure Essence products will continue as a thread throughout the new website instead of just focusing on the products themselves. We want you to see and feel the results of using our products and we display that throughout the new site. Words such as radiance, vitality, clarity and energy are the things you told us that you experience with Pure Essence and we are reflecting that everywhere visually.

Menu and Navigation – We have made significant changes to our site menu and navigation bar, making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. We believe you will be more easily able to narrow down the products you are looking for, without having to click multiple links or scroll through dozens of items.

Best Nutritional Supplement website navigation

New Category Pages – We have developed specific pages for the various product categories that segment specific products for you and provide additional information about the category in clear and concise ways. Examples of these pages are EnzymesMushroomsWomen’s HealthMen’s HealthEnergy and many more. You can access these pages from the main menu at the top of every page. Simply hover on the categories menu option and it will display your menu items quickly.

Nutritional Supplement product descriptionsImproved Shopping – You will notice now that everywhere we display a product there will be the name, picture and a new brief description explaining what it is. We wanted to make it easy to understand each product beyond just its name. We think we nailed it for you.

Easy Check Out – We have upgraded our new e-commerce system to a state of the art terminal to make buying on our site easier and coming back to place an order even better. We will also be introducing additional capabilities like subscriptions and digital coupons, so be sure to join our newsletter to stay on top of our latest innovations, products and deals.

What’s Coming Weekly From Pure Essence

Lastly, we wanted to let you know that we are making a commitment to you by consistently creating content on our blog weekly. We will be creating blog content that matters to you on countless topics that are relevant to your life, interests and family. Each week you will find new articles that deliver clear messaging and immense value.

In addition to keeping our commitment to consistently produce content, we will be putting our helpful and inspiring graphics and video content across all of our social media accounts every day, so be sure to connect with us there as well.

Sometimes change is frustrating or even scary, but we are extremely confident that the changes to our online platforms are going to leave you feeling comfortable, educated and healthy. We are honored to serve you. Check out the new site now!

~ The Pure Essence Team