Healthy Hair tips - Expert hacks for maintaining healthy hair

11 Helpful Hacks for Healthy Hair

Even as the fear of skin cancer keeps millions away from the recreation they might otherwise enjoy, there are more millions by far that continue to golf, play tennis, hike, bike and invade beaches like conquering armies. Although the synthetic sunscreens that fill pharmacies and surf shops might not be the best possible solutions, few …

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What are digestive enzymes

Understanding Digestive Enzymes Part III – Who Needs Enzymes

Our food, no matter which diet we follow, is a complex mixture of substances: fats, proteins, and starches and requires multiple enzymes to break down each macromolecule into its constituent parts. Digestive enzymes are produced in the appropriate organ and continue through the gut or are neutralized as necessary.. In our ‘sugar’ metabolism, intestinal enzymes …

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Oral Thrush Causes, Prevention, And Solutions

Oral thrush, also known as ‘thrush’ or oral candidiasis is a yeast infection caused when a naturally occurring fungus called Candida Albicans accumulates in and on the lining of your mouth.  It can be a precursor to system yeast problems.   Many treatments can be chore.

Focus On New Product – Real-Zymes™

Digestive problems are not new.  Millions struggle daily with  the discomfort from gas, bloating, symptoms of Leaky Gut and enzyme insufficiency.  Digestive enzyme supplements have been around for over fifty years, but they have only every been available in a ‘one size fits all’ version, until now!

Why Ionized Minerals Are Your Optimal Option

We all need both calcium and magnesium in our diet each day because there is a constant turnover of minerals in our bones they are also vital for our hearts, nerves, muscles and blood clotting.   
While there are many magnesium and calcium supplements on the market, but ionized minerals provide multiple ways to get into our bloodstream for optimum effect.