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Herbal Adrenal Support Supplement

Constant stress weakens your adrenals, resulting in fatigue, lack of energy, insomnia, headaches, anger, irritability, depression, muscle tension, upset stomach, etc.

Adaptogens are unique botanicals that support the body’s ability to deal with stress, thereby supporting adrenal health and healthy cortisol levels.

AdrenalStability™ contains the equivalent of over 32,000 mg of raw Adaptogen power – over three times more than in other products. Its Adaptogens also support healthy immune, inflammation and antioxidant responses, and have over 3000 years of safe, successful history.

AdrenalStability™ has already helped tens of thousands of people just like you. It is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction, so if you’re not delighted with your results – which you’ll begin to feel in just days – just return it at any time within 90 days and we’ll refund your entire purchase price. In short, there’s no risk, but so much to gain.

  • Supports Adrenal Health*
  • Supports Healthy Stress Response*
  • Supports Healthy Mood*
  • Supports Healthy Brain Function*
  • Supports Healthy Energy Levels*
  • Supports Healthy Immune Response*
  • Plant Based. 100% Vegan, GMO Free, Organic and Natural Ingredients*
  • 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee*
AdrenalStability™ Multivitamins
natural Multivitamin for Men

Over 75% of Americans say that stress causes serious problems in their personal and professional lives. Over 50% say their stress has increased in the last five years.

When you deal with constant stress, you adrenal glands begin to weaken. This creates situations that some call Adrenal Weakness, Adrenal Insufficiency or Adrenal Fatigue. The name, however, is not important. What counts is how you feel.

When your adrenal glands begin to weaken, you may feel fatigue, lack of energy, insomnia, headaches, anger, irritability, depression, muscle tension, upset stomach, grinding of teeth or feeling as if you could cry. However, these are but the tip of the iceberg – the things you notice first.

Authorities agree that as time passes, extreme stress undermines cardiovascular health and brain function and increases the chances of diabetes, gastrointestinal problems and asthma. It also suppresses immune response, leaving you vulnerable to bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Countless studies have shown that Adaptogens – plants that help you “adapt” to stressful situation – are perhaps nature’s best solution for renewing adrenal vitality. The best Adaptogens for this purpose are Cordyceps, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Rhodiola, Schisandra and Eleuthero.

Adrenal Stability provides more Adaptogen power than any other adrenal support system. Each day’s use delivers 32,000 mg of raw plant value – over three times more than other products.

The effects of chronic stress (and the weakened adrenal function that comes with it) may have you feeling like you’ve lost something you can never get back. Yet, with Adrenal Stability, you’ll feel more energetic, more capable and more like your old self in just days.

Adrenal Stability is American made in an FDA audited, cGMP compliant facility with ingredients from around the globe. Every ingredient is triple tested to assure identity, cleanliness, purity and potency.

AdrenalStability™ Reviews

AdrenalStability™ Review
*Results may vary from person to person
AdrenalStability™ Review
*Results may vary from person to person
AdrenalStability™ Review
*Results may vary from person to person
AdrenalStability™ Review
*Results may vary from person to person
One n Only NON GMO One n Only Organic One n Only Vegan One n Only Gluten Free One n Only Sugar Free One n Only Soy Free One n Only Yeast Free One n Only Dairy Free One n Only Corn Free One n Only Nut Free One n Only ShellFish Free


  • Energy Loss
  • Fatigue, Reduce Capacity for Activity
  • Difficulty Falling Asleep, Waking During Night
  • Poor Sleep Patterns and Quality
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Memory Loss
  • Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Brain Fog
  • Weight Gain (especially around midsection, thighs, upper arms and/or buttocks)
  • Symptoms of PMS, PeriMenopause or Menopause
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Prostate Issues
  • Decreased Libido and/or Sexual Function
  • Blood Sugar Imbalances
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Slower Wound Healing
  • Increased Susceptibility to Infections
  • Craving for Sweets and/or Salty Foods
  • Newly Developed Allergies
  • Chemical Sensitivities
  • Tendency Toward Feeling Cold
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Amount per Serving
Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Extract (1:1) (Fruiting Body) (500 mg)
Holy Basil Extract (Leaf) 300 mg
Organic Ashwagandha Extract (Root) (KSM-66®) 300 mg
Eleuthero Extract (root) 100 mg
Organic Schizandra Extract (Fruit and Seed) 100 mg
Rhodiola Extract (Root) 100 mg
Cordyceps for Adrenal Support


Cordyceps is among the world’s finest adrenal adaptogens. As such, it nourishes the adrenal glands and rebuilds deep reserves of the energies that holistic health systems see as indispensable to good health. Studies show that Cordyceps reduced fatigue in 92% of subjects, reduced feelings of cold in 89% and reduced dizziness in 83%.

It is known to increase cellular ATP, accounting for its increases in energy, endurance and stamina, improved libido, sexual function, etc. At the Olympic games of 1994, new world records were set by athletes training with Cordyceps supplements in 3000, 5000 and 10,000 meter races.

Ashwagandha for strength and adrenal glands


The literal translation of Ashwagandha is “strength like a horse.” Used for millennia in Ayurveda, it is used to support healthy stress and immune responses. It also enhances healthy to enhance mental function, memory, mood, etc.

In a 90 day, double blind clinical study, those using Ashwagandha reported a 69% reduction in anxiety and insomnia. In another, scores on the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS) dropped from 64% to 77%, while cortisol (a biochemical stress marker) dropped by 27%.

Holy Basil Adrenal Supplement


Holy basil is another Adaptogen. Its Ayurvedic name, “Tulsi,” translates as “Incomparable One.” It helps the body cope with the effects of stress, reduces cortisol levels, supports healthy blood sugar levels, supports health immune response and energy levels, etc. It also possesses antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Tulsi is planted at the Taj Mahal to protect its marble from the stresses of pollutants.*

Eleuthero For Energy and Stress Relief


Also called Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero is another superb adrenal tonic. Like Cordyceps, it supports the efficient uptake and use of oxygen, thereby increasing energy and reducing stress. It was reported, as early as the 1950’s to have a positive impact on stress, immune response, energy levels, inflammation and general weakness.

Prior to the development of more powerful (but very dangerous) anabolic steroids, Russian Olympians and Cosmonauts used it to increase energy and stamina while reducing oxidative stress. Eleuthero is one of the world’s most powerful health building supplements.*

Schizandra for adrenal stress


This amazing plant is famed in holistic systems for entering all 12 of the body’s major energy meridians and providing all five flavors, through which it harmonizes the entire body. In holistic systems, it is seen as a major liver tonic and an important tool in supporting a healthy stress response.

It supports a healthy inflammatory response, thereby helping to protect against stress induced inflammation. Schizandra supports health brain function and memory, and helps protect against cell damaging agents like free radicals and other toxins.*

Rhodiola Herb Adrenal Stress


Rhodiola has been the focus of extensive research in Russia. It was first noted in Tibet’s herbal system as a powerful tonic for health and longevity. It is another adaptogen that helps you cope with stress and supports adrenal health, but by different mechanisms. Herbalists have long held that Rhodiola and Eleuthero together are more beneficial than either by itself.

AdrenalStability™ Guarantee

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

90 Day Money Back

Pure Essence Labs provides a 90 day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are less than delighted with the results of any of our products you purchased on our web site, you may receive a complete refund of the purchase price within 90 days of the invoice date.

Please call Customer Service at (888) 254-8000, Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM PST so that we may assist you with your return.

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary.

AdrenalStability™ Multivitamin