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Your eyes are your windows to the world. They reveal your first impression of all that surrounds you. This is perhaps why vision is the sense we most fear losing.

Unfortunately, the modern world puts enormous strain on the visual process. It is thereby fortunate that nature provides several nutrients that help support the visual process.*

Lutein and Zeaxanthin
Lutein and zeaxanthin occur naturally in green leafy plants, egg yolks, and brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Studies published in major medical journals have shown that these nutrients guard against macular degeneration by increasing the density of macular pigment. They are also thought to support night vision.*

Long used in Europe to support mental function, vinpocetine is now used as a major visual aid that works by improving blood flow to the ocular capillaries. In European studies, 88% of those given vinpocetine reported improved vision. It is now used widely in Europe, Japan, and Korea for this purpose.*

Studies have shown that low levels of L-Taurine correlate with higher rates of macular degeneration. Taurine is thought to protect specialized retinal cells (rods and cones), and also to guard against the free radical oxidation that may lead to cataracts.*

Black Currant, Quercetin, Vitamin C
These antioxidants help maintain the integrity of the capillaries through which blood flows to the eyes. This is important, because weak capillaries may not be able to accommodate the level of blood flow required for healthy vision. These factors have also been shown to reduce eye fatigue and support the architecture of the ocular lens.*

Schizandra, Goji, Salvia
Traditional Chinese Medicine holds that healthy vision requires a healthy Liver System. Schizandra and Goji are highly prized as tonics to the Liver System, and Goji (also known as lycii) is TCM’s most precious vision tonic.*

Salvia is TCM’s most important cardiovascular herb. Obviously, anything that supports cardiovascular function supports healthy circulation, and thus supports vision.*

Together, these herbs support the bodily systems that in turn support vision. Without them, the true synergy demanded by holistic medical systems is impossible.

There are many vision supplements to choose from. Yet we guarantee that VisionEssence™ will outperform any other vision product you have ever used, because it possesses a synergy absent from other products. This synergy makes VisionEssence™ far stronger than the sum of its parts, and puts it in a league of its own.*

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