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The Liver is the body’s largest organ. It is involved in over 500 metabolic functions. Perhaps the most important of these is removing toxins from the body.

In the modern world, the liver is under constant attack. While alcoholism and recreational drug abuse have always been with us, the liver must now also defend against the thousands of synthetic chemicals used in agriculture, food processing, industry and technology, and against the thousands more that are present in prescription medications. Even if you don’t use any medications, they are present in at least trace amounts in both public and filtered water supplies.

The liver’s most valuable tool is an antioxidant called L-Glutathione, which protects liver cells from the constant poisons it processes. While every health enthusiast knows that Milk thistle is the liver’s best nutritional friend, few realize that one of the ways it works is by increasing L-Glutathione. However, it can work only as well as it is absorbed, and it is notoriously poor in this regard. Because of this, the Milk thistle extract in LiverEssence™ is bound to phospholipids. This increases its bioavailability by over 800%. LiverEssence™ also provides Schizandra and Artichoke (a close cousin of Milk thistle), which are also extremely beneficial to the liver.

To further increase L-Glutathione, LiverEssence™ provides N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, a building block from which the body produces its own L-Glutathione, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, which rebuilds L-Glutathione that has been broken down as it works.

Finally, LiverEssence™ provides a group of herbs known as the Bupleurum- Dong quai combination. This blend has been used for centuries to increase the flow of energy and blood in the liver, and to cleanse the blood of the toxins the liver has processed.

If you face any kind of liver challenge, or simply want to give your liver all it needs to be as healthy and vibrant as possible, LiverEssence™ simply must be your choice. No other product supports the liver from both modern and holistic medical points of view. And, no other liver product uses the same quality of ingredients across the board.

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