Oh, Oh, Oh It’s Magic!

What do Pure Essence Labs and The Ellen Show have in common?  The answer is a phenomenal Illusionist called Eric Ross.

If you managed to visit our booth at Natural Products Expo West 2014 you would have discovered our new collaboration with Eric Ross Magic.

Watch this video of Eric’s mad magic skills and what he can do with a little help from his friends. We’re calling it: Even Magic Needs A Little Help!.

What Eric does is amazing. Whether you call it ‘Legere De Main’ or Illusion, we think it’s magic and it definitely takes a sharp mind, quick wits and even quicker fingers. Herbal and holistic medicines used to be viewed as magic too, so we think our collaboration is a perfect fit.

Eric’s hands may be quicker than the eye, but our friend’s mind has to be sharper than both to make this happen, so he loves BrainEssence™. Maybe if YOU take BrainEssence™, you too may be quick enough to see how Eric does it! (It will help make you sharper but there are no guarantees that you’ll work it out! :D )

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3 Responses to Oh, Oh, Oh It’s Magic!

  1. laine says:

    Just a funny point I named my blog post Oh Oh Oh Its Magic. and my boss (who immediately started singing the song) said but who will know what it is… I said anyone who is old enough to be using Brain Essence … he laughed!

  2. Kerry says:

    Love this! Great title too!
    Love how you have managed to collaborate the company together with such great illusionist especially as he is so supportive of your product. :)

    • Editor says:

      Thanks Kerry! Yeah I loved that song and that’s where my mind went when I saw Eric work his magic :D Anytime you can help someone with that much talent, to maintain his edge its a good thing.

      He is amazing and I think we’re going to see a lot more of him, plus I hope we get to maintain our link.


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