Earth Day – One Day or a Lifelong Commitment?

We were all challenged this weekend to think about what ‘we’ do to make a difference for Earth Day. Of course Earth Day is only one day, what really matters is how we think of our World, our environment Everyday.

At Pure Essence Labs our commitment to nature drives everything we do: from how we source our ingredients to how we formulate; from how we package our products to which organizations we support.  We are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact.  We believe that no act is too small and that every little bit helps.

  • All of our printed marketing materials are made from recycled paper, whenever possible.
  • We use soy based inks whenever possible.
  • Our boxes are printed using 100% certified renewable wind energy and carry the FSC logo for being made from well-managed forests and other controlled sources.
  • Many of our ingredients come from sustainable sources,  The Camu Camu berries in our Whole C is one of them. The berries are harvested in the Amazon Rain Forest, providing the indigenous peoples with a renewable resource and source of income, thus eliminating the motivation for deforestation.

What are you doing to make it Earth Day everyday?


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10 Responses to Earth Day – One Day or a Lifelong Commitment?

  1. Yes, every little thing each one of us does contributes to the health (or ills) of our mother planet!

    It’s encouraging to see that Pure Essence is doing it’s part as a company!

    Heidi & Atticus
    “commentary to give you paws…”

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Heidi & Atticus,

      Coming from 2 great advocates for the environment and what is right, we greatly appreciate the recognition.

      Being mindful and awake to opportunities which present themselves ~ one of your pet topics is indeed part of the battle.

      Kind regards
      “building health, one cell at a time”

  2. Donna McCord says:

    As an automotive repair shop, there are multiple products we have to use that can be contaminants to the environment, so we do whatever we can to prevent that from happening. We promote using AMSOIL which is a purely synthetic product line including engine oil and other fluids that are even non harmful to your pets if something spills on the driveway and a pet decides to taste it! We also have strict disposal procedures and handling procedures for our technicians, as well as daily cleanup procedures. We have earned the Mountain View Clean Bay Business Award which means we meet certain criteria for environmental awareness. And we also use recycled paper for our lettehead, envelopes, etc. as much as we can. I agree with you that we just all need to be more aware and conscientious about what we do and how we use our natural resources. I am not a sign carrier, but I am serious about wanting to protect the beautiful world we live in!

    • admin says:

      Well put Donna! That is the level of care which we should all be required to take, it is obvious that you and your business take this seriously and we’re happy that your efforts have been recognized.

      People need to look beyond the obvious, beyond the mandatory to what else we can do. We are after all stewards of our environment.

      Thank you for your thoughtful response.
      “building health, one cell at a time”

  3. I really enjoy reading about companies that are committed to earth care. Sometimes the challenges facing the earth seem so overwhelming, it’s easy to fall into an attitude of “what does it matter?” But all the little things do count, and I really honor your company for the steps it is taking. Using wind energy is very commendable, as that is so new.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    “My cat owns me, my clutter stymies me, my writing frees me. Word maven loves—and learns from—ordinary life.”

    • admin says:

      Thank you Judy,

      We agree completely ~ the huge plus to social media is that we can share our belief systems and begin to make informed decisions based, not only on the products or services we want but also on the ethics and ethos of the providers. In that way we can build connections and real community.

      We owe it to our world to make educated decisions, and to reflect not solely based on cost but also manage our impact on the environment. It is nice to make connections who value our actions.

      Kind regards
      “building health, one cell at a time”

  4. I am familiar with Pure Essence Labs and I use many of their supplements because of all the mentioned reasons and because they simply work!
    It’s Earth Day for me every day:
    - bring my own made bags (from T-Shirts) to the store
    - drive a car with high mileage, use it only when really needed
    - read my newspaper online
    - air-dry my laundry
    - use products from nature (skin care, household cleaners, etc.)
    - eat 90% veg and little meat
    - compost and recycle, avoid packaged stuff

    I hope more people would celebrate earth, be more respectful to our habitat and change some of their bad habits.

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist “Green” Artress

    • admin says:

      Great ideas Franziska!
      Thank you for being so committed to the environment, and for being a Pure Essence Labs customer!

      We’re sure that we can all learn from the methods you employ to limit your impact on our planet – We love the T-Shirt bag idea.

      We are always happy to consider other things we can do to reduce our impact and make our products and offices more environmentally friendly.

      Kind regards
      “building health, one cell at a time”

  5. I try to be earth conscious, and not be wasteful. My business is about creating a space in ones home that uses what people already own. I love repurposing and reworking what is there. Great reminder that daily personal use and thought makes a huge difference if each of us is doing our bit.

    Jennifer Duchene
    Home Makeover Mixtress blending lifestyle laughter and diva dens
    Lift Your Spirits Home Transformations

    • admin says:

      Excellent point Jennifer,

      We do live in a throw away society! Anytime we can tune our consciousness to remember to reuse, recycle or repurpose,
      we are saving our environment, cutting costs and in your case introducing something uniquely personalized.

      Great options for the conscious consumer.

      Thank you,

      “building health, one cell at a time”

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