Oh, Oh, Oh It’s Magic!

What do Pure Essence Labs and The Ellen Show have in common?  The answer is a phenomenal Illusionist called Eric Ross.

If you managed to visit our booth at Natural Products Expo West 2014 you would have discovered our new collaboration with Eric Ross Magic.

Watch this video of Eric’s mad magic skills and what he can do with a little help from his friends. We’re calling it: Even Magic Needs A Little Help!.

What Eric does is amazing. Whether you call it ‘Legere De Main’ or Illusion, we think it’s magic and it definitely takes a sharp mind, quick wits and even quicker fingers. Herbal and holistic medicines used to be viewed as magic too, so we think our collaboration is a perfect fit.

Eric’s hands may be quicker than the eye, but our friend’s mind has to be sharper than both to make this happen, so he loves BrainEssence™. Maybe if YOU take BrainEssence™, you too may be quick enough to see how Eric does it! (It will help make you sharper but there are no guarantees that you’ll work it out! :D )

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In Response To ConsumerLab.com’s Lead Claims on The Dr Oz Show

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On Tuesday April 8, 2013 a spokesperson for ConsumerLab.com appeared on the Dr. Oz Show. His statements have caused some of our customers to be concerned with the safety of our Ionic Fizz Super DK Calcium Plus.  This statement is … Continue reading

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Earth Day – One Day or a Lifelong Commitment?

We were all challenged this weekend to think about what ‘we’ do to make a difference for Earth Day. Of course Earth Day is only one day, what really matters is how we think of our World, our environment Everyday.

At Pure Essence Labs our commitment to nature drives everything we do: from how we source our ingredients to how we formulate; from how we package our products to which organizations we support.  We are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact.  We believe that no act is too small and that every little bit helps.

  • All of our printed marketing materials are made from recycled paper, whenever possible.
  • We use soy based inks whenever possible.
  • Our boxes are printed using 100% certified renewable wind energy and carry the FSC logo for being made from well-managed forests and other controlled sources.
  • Many of our ingredients come from sustainable sources,  The Camu Camu berries in our Whole C is one of them. The berries are harvested in the Amazon Rain Forest, providing the indigenous peoples with a renewable resource and source of income, thus eliminating the motivation for deforestation.

What are you doing to make it Earth Day everyday?


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Hello world!

Designing the world’s finest dietary supplements & nutraceuticals. The wisdom of traditional medicine & modern science plus food quality holistic ingredients.

You can find us on Twitter at “PureEssenceLabs”

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